Lakefront Cabins

Everything about Uchi Lodge was designed for your safety and enjoyment. Why? Because we want you to come back and see us year after year. We put the cabins near the water on flat ground to eliminate strenuous climbs up steep, rocky hills. We built ramps in front of the cabins so you won’t get wet feet docking your boat. And we never shut down our generator. You have 24-hour electricity if you need it. But don’t worry, you won’t need ear-plugs to sleep… we made sure to put the generator deep in the woods.

To insure a good night’s rest, we’ve outfitted all the beds with real mattresses – not foam pads-as well as sheets, blankets, and pillows. You’ll find lighted and level wooden walkways connecting all the cabins and lodge, in case you want to stroll about at midnight watching the aurora borealis, or soak up the solitude of the Canadian wilderness.

Row of cabins