Fly-In Walleye Fishing

Uchi Lake is an extraordinary lake with Walleye fishing that is legendary. The lake is located 75 air-miles north of Sioux Lookout and Vermilion Bay and east of Red Lake, which is one of the top fly-in fishing hubs in Northwestern Ontario. The only access to this lake is by floatplane from our airbase in Ear Falls.

Most Walleye fisher-persons would only expect to catch big Walleyes in big lakes but Uchi Lake breaks the mold on this idea. Our guests keep coming back year after year because of the unbelievable size of the Walleyes that this lake produces. There are only a handful of lakes in Ontario that can produce Walleyes like Uchi Lake but the main difference is these giant trophy Walleyes are concentrated in a lake that is relatively small so they are caught more frequently.

Another aspect of Uchi Lake Walleye Fishing is the shallow depth. Big Trophy Walleyes are usually female and take off into deep water after they spawn in the spring and are not accessible but with Uchi Lake they are accessible all year because the average depth is only 15 feet.

Walleye fishing on Uchi Lake