Walleye Fishing Methods, Tips & Tactics

Walleye are schooling fish. They tend to feed in bunches scattered along rocky flats, near drop-offs, along underwater islands, or in any area where the underwater structure has a tendency to attract food or funnel baitfish. Like all game fish, walleye are opportunistic when it comes to foraging. They will seek out any situation that offers plentiful food that is easy to catch. So, why is this important? Because on Uchi Lake, if you pull your boat into a likely looking area and start fishing and haven’t caught a walleye in the first 5 to 10 minutes, you need to move on! That doesn’t mean you can’t try that area at another time, but if fish are present in a certain spot, the odds are that you will start catching them very quickly, often on the first cast.

A fine way to locate large schools of walleye, especially in spring and early summer, is trolling crankbaits along main lake shorelines as well as steep banks leading into large bays. Shad Raps and baits with a tight wobble are extremely effective on walleye. Keep your boat over ten to twenty feet of water, varying the depth. When you catch a fish trolling, try to imagine where the fish hit, then motor back to that spot and cast jigs. Yes, you could keep trolling, but you may miss out on a massive school of walleye.

Happy Walleye Fisherman