Fly-in Northern Pike Fishing

Many of the lakes north of Vermilion Bay, Ontario are famous for Northern Pike fishing and fishing on a fly-in lake that is protected from public access and over-fishing is especially hot. Northern Pike are the apex predators in the far north and can reach great sizes. Uchi Lake is a fly-in lake and the lodge is one of the first Trophy Catch-&-Release lodges in Ontario. As a result the fantastic Northern Pike fishing has been preserved for you to enjoy.

In warm southern water Northern Pike generally live to be 10 years old, which is about 10 pounds and up to 35 inches long. With remote Northern Ontario fly-in lakes the water is much cooler and has fewer nutrients thus the Northern Pike are not subject to the same parasites and disease that Pike down south are exposed to. In the far north they can live past 60 years and reach great sizes. We have lots of big Northern Pike in our lake.

Happy Pike Fisherman