Best Northern Pike Fishing Methods, Tips & Tactics

One of the most fierce and tenacious fish you’ll encounter at Uchi Lake is the northern pike. At times this predator will hit your bait right at the boat, displaying no fear of you or the Lund you’re sitting in. Because of their aggressive nature, northern pike can be taken early in the season, soon after ice-out on Canadian Shield lakes, on topwater baits in bays. Look for areas with new, green bull rush shoots poking from the water. You will usually find these shoots in 3 to 5 feet of water (don’t be fooled by the thin grass that is often mistaken for bull rush. The grass grows in 1 to 2 feet of water and will usually host only small hammer-handle pike).

Buzzbaits can be very effective at this time. Make long casts into the bull rush and work the buzzbait on a steady retrieve, making sure to vary the speed on each cast until you find the one that drives pike wild. Be warned: pike do not hit this bait lightly! Expect a violent explosion when pike smash into this bait. And they may hit it several times before they finally hook themselves, so be patient and wait to feel the fish before you set the hook.

Large Northern Pike