Fishing Information

Walleye are the dominant species in the lake. Most guests can expect to catch 40 to 60 Walleyes in a day and then there are fantastic days where guests claim to have caught over 100. There are some smaller good eating size Walleyes but the lake’s claim-to-fame is the availability of gigantic trophy Walleyes. 24 to 28 inch Walleyes are common and throughout the week many 30+ inch Walleyes are caught-&-released with the occasional fish reaching 33 inches.

We have fabulous Walleye fishing. If you want the main focus of your fishing vacation to be trophy Northern Pike fishing; you will not be disappointed.

Big trophy Northern Pike are available with 35 to 40 inch pike being common and during the summer there are many in the 40 to 45 inch range being caught and released, which is touching the 25 pound mark. Uchi Lake is capable of producing 50 inch Northern Pike.

Walleye fishing on Uchi Lake